There are loads of factors to consider when choosing a countertop surface.  Granite countertops in Fairfax is a great choice.  Granite has loads of pros and some cons.  Here are a few elements to take into consideration.

Granite is a fully natural product and is completely sustainable.  It is a renewable resource of sorts as it does take thousands of years to create.  The stone industry has made a concerted effort over the years to make changes to the quarrying and production of granite products.  Granite countertops are long lasting and contain no harmful chemicals.  Eco-friendly construction companies are big proponents of using granite.

This natural product is fully heat resistant and will not melt or blister when exposed to warm temperatures.  You can feel comfortable working the hot pots and pans around granite, you can even place hot items directly on the surface without causing any damage.  However, continued heating on one spot continuously could result in the surface to crack.

Granit is a hard material that will not be scratched easily.  You can even cut it although it is not recommended as it will probably make you knives blunt and dull.

Should you experience a chip or crack with your granite countertop, it is advisable to have it repaired by a professional.  Your original installer or a company that works with granite tops will need to apply a color matched epoxy to fill crack or chip, however you can use superglue to repair small chips.

The granite product is natural stone and is porous.  To ensure long-lasting use of your countertop it is advisable to have it properly sealed when installed.  Afterward, you will need to maintain the product with an annual sealing.  If not sealed correctly, liquids will stain and leave watermarks on the surface.  Also, make sure you use the same sealant every time you seal the countertop as some sealant brands do not mix well with other brands or will not stick to the existing sealant.

Most homeowners are looking for a unique product in their homes.  With granite, they can choose from a range of truly unique patterns and features.  As the product is natural, the stone will have its own patterns designed over time by nature.  The same is true of the colors.  Granite is limited in the number of colors to choose from.  It is best to personally view the slab of granite that will be used in your countertop to ensure that the color is the hue you want.

The available granite countertops in Fairfax will deliver the perfect finish to your kitchen or bathroom remodeling.  It is the most expensive option, but one that will return to your investment for many years to come.

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