7 Benefits of Choosing Granite as a Bathroom Countertop

Remodeling your bathroom is a fun process. You’ve got this small space to work with and to unleash all your creative desires. Whether you’re remodeling the entire bathroom or making small but crucial changes to important fixtures, you are going to come face to face with a particular choice. Just like your kitchen, the bathroom […]

Quartz vs. Marble vs. Granite

You are here because you’ve finally decided to replace your countertop. And you obviously know the benefits of a countertop remodel as well. But can I just say that you have, in your hands, a chance to change the entire visual vocabulary of your kitchen or bath with quartz, marble, or granite? In fact, changing countertops […]

The Ultimate Granite Buying Guide for a Homeowner on a Tight Budget

Kitchens today are a  blend of aesthetics and luxurious functionality. With the contemporary lifestyle, the design language and concepts have seen an evolution; and with it, the kitchen has evolved too. It’s become a place to entertain, a place to socialize, a place to bond with friends and loved ones over the holidays. In fact, […]

2021 Trends: Choosing the Perfect White Countertop

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Top Trend of 2021: White Countertops There are very few trends that stand the test of time with the change in calendars each year, and one of them is the inclusion of a white countertop in a modern kitchen. Just like the previous years, 2021 has also been sustaining the pattern and white stones […]


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