USA Granite & Marble embraces a green environment both in stone waste procedures and fabrication processes. USA  Granite & Marble utilizes an Idrocus dust machine for its sink cut outs. This state of the art machine has a water filtration system that captures stone dust particles. The waste water put back into the sanitation system is 96% clean. It also is completely enclosed so dust is not vented into the atmosphere. Throughout each work station specialized drains have been created to trap dust and debris so water runoff is clean.

USA Granite & Marble addresses considerable resources to ensure the protection of the environment and the safety and well being of our employees. In 2005 USA Granite & Marble participated in the Virginia OSHA Voluntary Program in preparation to becoming an OSHA certified training center.

Not only does granite enhance the beauty and elegance of homes and commercial businesses, but it contributes to healthy living. Granite is the second hardest substance to a diamond. Throw away your plastic or wood cutting boards which trap food particles, fibers from your sponge, rag or paper towels and leave chemical residue from cleaning products. You can cut right on your countertops! Sanitation consists of mild soap and water. Look at restaurants, medical centers, and office reception areas. Their choice is natural stone!

USA Granite & Marble continuously works to become an environmental responsibility leader.

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