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Why indeed. Granite in the field is a hard stone that seems to be at the core of many mountains. It is the stone that miner’s blast and crushers crush. In the mines it usually gets crushed to fine powder so the minerals can be leached from it, in many quarries granite is crushed into gravel for use as aggregate in concrete or in road building. But we, at our stores in Fairfax VA sell cheapgranite slabs for use as countertops and vanity slabs.

It has been found that cut and polished it is a hard wearing, attractive and durable medium with which to make working surfaces. Granite is the recent-day material of choice for vanities and countertops.Granite is an exceptionally hard stone that is sliced into slabs that are half an inch thick and able of being eight-foot by four foot in size. The large sizes are usually only used for flooring or cladding the outsides of buildings. However, it is easily cut down to a set of standard sizes or maybe custom-made sized for your special requirements. The standard sizes are available at economical prices in our catalogue. Call us to see or get a complimentary, no obligation quotation from our outlet in Fairfax VA (703-651-1566). You will find our prices amazingly low and our abilities incomparable.

There is drift and grain in the granite. The polishing process brings out the respective colours and texture of the underlying mix. Sometimes these patterns are like veins or wood texture and sometimes they are a stippled mix of colors. That depends on the class and colour you prefer. The very even burnished surface displays the grain is and grain of the stone to great effect. The surfaces of a kitchen or bar countertop will look burnished and are exceptionally hard eroding. Tough to score and will carry on looking good for years to come without weathering. The finish will still remain pleasing when your grandchildren are old.

Although we are experts in Kitchen remodeling and renovating bathrooms we are skilled at other services. Re-doing your entertainment area with Granite bar tops, a granite dining table and consoles in mirrors and tiles will give the whole place a fresh feel. And you will be pleasantly surprised at how little it costs, considering that it is a major change and permanent and long lasting.

Call in at our stores on Fairfax to have a look at our model kitchen, dining rooms, study and bathrooms. All are done with pleasing wood shelving and granite countertops and vanity slabs, tiled floors, walls and tub sides. Look at the vast array of colors and the fantastic selection of tiles and wood colors and patterns that our skilled craftsmen use to make up the units we install in your remodeled kitchen or bathroom.

Choose Granite for that modern look that will not age.

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