Marble has made its way to the top of the most popular list in kitchen countertops. As with any natural element it comes with pros and cons that must be considered before an informed decision can be made regarding if they are right for you. Understanding the performance, you can expect from it is necessary before you give the go ahead to have it installed. If you are more interested in durability you may to consider quartz or granite since they are able to withstand activities such as chopping.


Unique Beauty
The beauty of marble countertops can’t be denied. It offers an elegant touch to any room that you decide to install it in. Whether you are interested in marble kitchen countertops, or marble vanity countertops marble is the choice to make. To find out more please visit our gallery to see what we have available for you.

Heat is Not a Problem
Marble can absorb hot temperatures, so placing hot items will not cause damage to its surface. This is great for home chef’s everywhere who have a large family to feed!


Absorbs liquid
Because of its porous nature, marble countertops tend to absorb liquid rather quickly, this means that;
• Oil
• Wine
• Juice
• All other liquids
Will be extremely difficult or impossible to get out. This is obviously a very important aspect to think about when deciding if marble countertops are the right choice for your kitchen and how you use it. Just remember once the liquid is absorbed, it just may be too late.

Scratches Easily
Marble countertops also scratch easily. It will be necessary to use chopping boards every time you need to slice and dice. Understand that once a scratch occurs it will begin to affect the elegant look that it once provided.







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