USA Marble and Granite are also proud to be authorized dealers and installation experts of MSI Quartz Countertops by MSI Stone.

MSI is one of the largest supplier and producers of countertops in the U.S. and they do have a wide range of options for all your countertop needs. We thought it would be a good idea to outline some of the preferred colors in their quartz line. Quartz has slowly become a favorite among homeowners as it offers the design of the natural stones but greater durability.

MSI offers various color selections. Currently, 61 different colors are in stock for residential or commercial projects.

Below are some of the quartz color choices you can choose to install in your home or office from MSI.

Some of the colors that are real classics from the line include the Calcutta classique. This is a fine choice for anyone going for the normal type of countertops. The range is also famous for the Pelican White color that is a white with swirls of grays on it. Pelican white also includes some sparkle in it.

Another color in the line that is daring is the midnight black color. Just like the name suggests the color is a striking black. The small flacks of color on top of it give off the right amount of contrast.

There are two options with the regular midnight black and the Midnight majesty concrete option. Though the two options are very similar the first one is a polished look while the latter has a brushed finish.

Sahara Beige quartz is another color available in the line. It is suitable for kitchen countertops or for use in other commercial areas. The color is a beige color with specs of brick and amber. The color is great for use in interior design.

For the lovers of gray there are several options. The options include a Stellar Gray which is a mid-toned gray with flecks of a lighter gray to create a wonderful contrast between the two. The other options of the shadow gray is deeper toned with the same specs of gray to give the contrasting feel of the colors. Due to the deep color range you can choose to use some of the options for flooring. We offer excellent installation services and even fabrication if you need it. Accent walls are another option for the quartz range.

Using the stones for interior design is also an option. Depending on the place requiring the service you can use it in either commercial or home use. A lighter shade would do well for the inside wall or countertops in a home to add warmth. A commercial building can work with both mid-toned and deeper colors.

Almond Roca


Antico Cloud

Artic White

Ash Gray

Babylon Gray Concrete

Babylon Gray


Blanca Arabescato

Blanca Statuarietto

Calacatta Classique

Calacatta Laza

Calacatta Verona

Calacatta Vicenza

Calico White


Carrara Caldia

Carrara Grigio

Carrara Marmi

Cascade White

Cashmere Carrara

Cashmere Oro

Chakra Beige

Chantilly Taupe



Desert Bloom

Fairy White

Fossil Brown

Fossil Gray

Fossil Taupe

Frost White

Glacier White

Gray Lagoon


Iced White

Lagos Azul

Marbella White

Meridian Gray

Midnight Majesty Concrete

Midnight Majesty

Montclair White

Mystic Gray

Pacific Salt

Pearl Gray

Pebble Rock

Pelican White

Peppercorn White

Perla White

Romano White

Sahara Beige

Sandy Cove

Shadow Grey

Snow White


Sparkling Black

Sparkling White

Statuary Classique

Stellar Gray

Stellar White

Toasted Almond

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